WKMC Architects Website

WKMC Architects, established 1953, is a well-known architectural firm in Corpus Christi, Texas. When we began the development of the website design and development project, we set out to achieve a presence that was not only modern but also developed with the contribution of the company being represented.

We began with wireframe diagrams that were ultimately influenced through meetings with the business development team. As the design began to take a life of its own, we worked with WKMC’s development team to produce high-resolution content, such as personalized photography and portfolio pieces.

On our own, we converted the wireframe design into a functional web presence integrated with the easily managed WordPress Content Management System. As development ensued, we integrated a variety of tools, best practices, and efficiencies to ensure the website platform could harness the content provided.

What resulted was a modern web presence that achieves three components each website project sets out to accomplish; know, like and trust.

Website design is by Molly Pierce Design

Photography and portfolio aerials are done by HRMG.