Ironwood Finance Website

Ironwood Finance is a private B2B lender that takes a modern approach to loans and capital financing. Kevin, the organization’s owner, came to Hi-Res Media Group in search of a better web presence that would help function as the foundation of a new area in his digital marketing efforts. Ironwood was also in need of lead generation via Salesforce and Pardot integration. A¬†great web presence and digital marketing campaign start with a solid website and a fresh design, proper coding and custom content carefully drafted to pursue proper search engine keywords.

Over the course of 3 months, Molly worked hands-on with the Ironwood team to build out a WordPress theme, updated content, structured navigation, and appealing brand aesthetic. What resulted was a gritty and appealing responsive website design that sets the tone for future marketing efforts made by the company. With the help of HRMG, Ironwood now has a platform to further build upon their content marketing efforts.

Ironwood Finance operates within American Bank Tower on the Bayfront in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Website design is by Molly Pierce Design