When Hi-Res Creative was contacted by D.J. Young Publishing in regards to producing a new website, it was clear that the site needed significant upgrades. D.J. Young produces news, feature stories and advertising services in a publication that supports the local military and their online presence was in desperate need of a re-design, some organization and a little tech magic. The purpose of the project was to advertise D.J. Young and its services to potential advertisers as well as to highlight it’s availability in digital format.

In addition to making the site more aesthetically pleasing and incorporating a more colorful, patriotic theme, there were a number of requirements that our creative team needed to address. The first was to create original copy that not only stayed true to the organization’s branding, but that would also flow cohesively throughout each page in terms of navigation and focusing the site’s purpose. The site was built using the latest CSS and HTML software and new features included making the websites responsive for use with mobile devices and tablets, a calendar with the ability for non-profits to submit events that will appear in both the printed paper and on the website, informational media kits in digital format that will provide advertisers with information about availability, technical specifications and deadlines, a news system to release new digital issues bi-weekly, news items from non-profits that use the publication, a brand new fillable contact page, anti-spam measures and optimization for quicker load times and an improved user experience.