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When Hi-Res Creative was approached by the City of Kingsville to improve their existing website, our first goal was to understand how visitors behaved on the site before even devising a plan of action. By utilizing Goggle analytics and a process called heatmapping, our team was able to discover how users accessed the site as well as which features and pages were used the most. Armed with a better grasp of user behavior and extensive information from the city outlining each department’s unique needs and requirements, our creative team set out to redesign the existing site with several goals in mind. We would improve its functionality, streamline navigation and reorganize content, improve internal and external communication between the city and its residents and make overall aesthetic improvements.

As one of our largest and most iconic projects, the new City of Kingsville website resulted in a highly optimized, responsive website that is easy to use and fulfills every single one of the city’s requests. The beautiful new website now boasts brand new high quality images in collaboration with John Garza from EyeCon360, a brand new city logo and 1.07 second load times on all desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The site also includes new features such as a customized calendar system with subscription support for iCalendar & Google Calendar, an integrated GIS Server system, a full file storage system with a centralized directory for easy media categorization and a city-wide alert system for risk management during natural or chemical disasters. Our team also implemented an integrated GovQA ticketing system to improve the city’s handling of citizen requests in a timely and straightforward manner.