The Learning Institute

When the City of Corpus Christi reached out to Hi-Res Creative to help with the design and implementation of a website to improve internal training and communication methods for city employees, we were up for the challenge. Working in conjunction with Liza Mucheru-Wisner of the city’s Human Resource’s department, our mission was to create an easy to use website and employee portal that would enhance interdepartmental communication, organize employee training and professional development sessions as well as support a new learning management system to be purchased by the city.

One of the biggest challenges encountered during production was that the city’s departments exclusively use Internet Explorer 9 in their daily operations. As such, we had to forgo the heavy use of CSS3 and HTML5 and instead develop the site in older versions of code. In the end, the result is a website that is supportive of both new and old with modern focuses. The completed website houses a digital calendar of all available training and development courses for employees and allows staff to quickly and easily RSVP for sessions. Our creative team also developed two original videos for the organization. The first is an orientation video for new employees with a special welcome and introduction from the city manager and the second introduces the Learning Institute and its comprehensive approach to an internal education program for city employees.

In addition to designing the Institute’s brand new website, our designers created a complete style guide for the organization which was aimed to be progressive, minimalist and mimic the area’s educational institutions color schemes. For a uniform look and feel as well as for branding purposes, we also produced the Institute’s business cards, letterhead and logo. We will continue to produce more videos for the Learning Institute in the very near future as we recognize “City Champions” and highlight employees creating a positive impact in their respective departments.